O Rei’s Capoeira Ground Game Video System and Guide

I must admit that I like to flip and fly around in the roda, but that’s not everyone’s game. As I’ve gotten older I find myself playing more on the ground than in the air.

I’ve talked about it extensively with my Capoeira colleagues over the past 10 years on what’s the best type of Capoeira game. We narrowed it down to the ground game.

Every Capoeirista should have excellent kicks, strikes and take downs, but when it comes to flourishes, not everyone can/or is willing and able to do aerial acrobatics like back tucks, front flips, B-twists, etc.

If you have great kicks/martial arts and ground game, your’e in a great position! In my experience, I’ve seen Capoeirsitas with beautiful ground games who float on the ground and are just as, if not more, exciting than Capoeiristas who flip.

And if you can do all 3, you are a pretty complete and exciting, physical Capoeira. Our programs are known for taking average or below average people and getting them to a proficient level. This, in itself, is an amazing feat.

The’s always going to be the amazing athletes, with amazing genetics, natural flexibility, dexterity, etc. Don't’ worry about them. This program will take you from absolute beginner  to intermediate level ground game player.

This program will save you years of training and get you advanced in a matter  of months if you put in the work.

You can immediately put these moves in your game. This organized system ends with 10 awesome combinations composed of all the techniques you will learn in the program.

It starts off  with:

10 queda de rins fundamentals you must learn to start  to grow your ground game

4 Ponte (Bridge) fundamentals

5 ground transitions positions and combos

10 Awesome Ground sequences with modifications  for different levels

Detailed video tutorials

PDF guide and detailed explanations

How to use these amazing moves with a partner

And more!

Whether you’re wanting to improve your Capoeira game, increase mobility for BJJ, or just want to learn some cool moves, this video program will take you from absolute beginner to Capoeira intermediate! Like mentioned before, we pride ourselves in teaching ordinary people to do amazing things.  Buy Now Below! Click Box

This program will save you thousands on Capoeira tuition. If you would go to a Capoeira academy, this would take you from a year and a half to three or four years to learn and coach your body and sift through all the other amazing stuff Capoeira has to offer like music, Portuguese, takedowns, strikes, self-defense, character development, and aerial acrobatics. Here you can concentrate on just the ground game and flourishes.

$1,200.00 - $4,000.00

Along with the hours and hours of time saved of those 1 to 3 years, you cut right to the chase from the privacy of your own home or training facility. How much would you expect to pay?



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Plus Bonuses:

Capoeira Warm up

Partner demonstrations

Extra advanced combinations

PDF guide

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